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Thread: Tip for those who can't early Kino

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    Default Tip for those who can't early Kino

    I have a friend that was a virgin until about 3 weeks ago. He is 26 years old and a great guy all around. He is not very attractive and a bit overweight yet he knows how to flirt and banter with a woman and is awesome at negging. This works in his favor because women don't view him as an ass because he's not attractive.

    I've been reading the pua community for quite some time. Even when I was in a relationship I would listen to the David Deangelo programs and I learned so much from them. After being in a relationship for so long I really learned female emotions and how to connect with on a different level.

    I saw my friend who is great socially, always hanging out with girls, always being able to banter and use cock/funny behavior and always made them laugh. BUT HE NEVER EVER GOT A GIRLFRIEND OR GOT LAID. It took me a LONG time to realize and draw back on my own experiences that he was missing a key part of the puzzle. He was afraid to physically escalate with a girl because he feared rejection from her

    Often times in this community we talk about Approach Anxiety, pickup lines, techniques for talking to girls, comfort stage etc...yet I find there is very little material for guys that are already GOOD at talking to girls and flirting but BAD at initiating anything physically.

    I sat my friend down one night and talked to him for a couple hours. It took some prodding but he finally opened up to me about what his barrier was with women. He had been rejected so many times and his ego was shot down. I had to reflect on this because in my eyes he was the man. He was able to easily talk to girls, get numbers and cock/funny yet he would get rejected. WHY?

    He got rejected because he failed to inject any physical Kino with any of the girls he was talking to or was with. I attribute this to his mother who is a very religious person and who basically taught that "female bodies are sacred and need to be respected" He literally had it ingrained in him that touching girls was a bad thing...and he made up for this behavior by becoming amazing at talking to girls and bantering yet never getting anywhere.

    I thought back to my long relationship and finally gave him some advice. WITHIN 2 WEEKS HE HAD MADE OUT WITH 4 GIRLS AND F CLOSED ONE TO LOSE HIS VIRGINITY. So what was the secret? Well it's not anything special and it's not really a secret. For those guys who read this think back to your past. There is a reason probably from childhood that has told you that sexuality is a "bad" thing. Maybe a religious household or a bad experience you had.


    Knowing how "shy" my friend was with this stuff I gave him one simple technique to try. I told him to start touching the girls leg when he was sitting and talking to her. That simple. I noticed in his first interaction with a girl he liked he started to apply this. Anytime he said something to make her laugh he rested his hand on her leg...He soon realized that she WASN'T pulling away and so he started to leave it there for longer periods of time.

    I then told him that in addition to the leg touching he should start touching her arm anytime he was making a funny statement or anytime she was throwing banter back at him. He began to start putting his hands on their arm during these interactions and that SUBTLY communicated that he was more sexually dominant.

    Once he got a taste for these very simple yet true techniques he began adding more too it. He realized girls are not these crazy complicated creatures to be afraid of and now he is having an amazing amount of success. Now I know this doesn't apply to everybody, but for those guys who are shy when it comes to physical escalation, start by using simple techniques like I mentioned to further your game. The beauty of it is that you honestly CAN'T GET REJECTED by doing this. IF the girl isn't feeling it or is uncomfortable she will simply move her leg or shift her body so that your hand isn't touching her arm or leg. THAT is the way she'll tell you she's not interested. IF SHE DOES NOTHING AND LET'S YOU, CONTINUE TO RAMP IT UP BY (for example) LEAVING YOUR HAND THERE FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME

    Now I know to some this may seem a bit "clingy" but from my perspective if you have the ioi's from a girl and you do this they don't view it as needy behavior. Women love to be touched...simple as that. If you never attempt to touch and only work on your "technique" game you will have extremely limited success.

    So much is written about female IOI's to men such as her touching your arm or pushing you a bit etc...While this is fantastic, there are guys out there that need to indicate their own IOI's to show the women they're sexually confident men. Try it and you won't be disappointed. He certainly wasn't

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