Hi all,

This is from a friend..

''I have known this girl and she was a very good friend. At that time we were attracted to each other. But slowly we lost contact after both of us moved to different places. We lost contact for some years and recently I saw her and was surprised to know that she works in the same office as me in a different floor. We caught up on old times and I got her too comfortable when we met for lunch or coffee. I find her extremely attractive now. But I don't feel she is attracted to me in the same way. However I will leave the office in 2 months and I only want to sex with her.

Do I directly tell her that I would like a short term relationship or
should I somehow break her resistance and have sex with her?

This resistance is not going to be LMR because its not actually last minute..but she is even going to resist me trying to kiss her.
How do I proceed? I somehow feel talking decent or logically with a women isn't gonna help''