Okay guys,

A Couple times I have k-closed and the girl has said after kissing and dancing and number exchange, like a good 40 minute seesion of established attraction, she says I need to find My Friends.

First one was at a club in kings cross, she was HB10, did everything well, got the kiss close and then abondend, i then ask her to dance and we hooked up for 10 minutes. we exchanged numbers and she said it ( i need to find my friends) didnt see her after that.

Second was a HB8 at a club in North shore, she was feeling up my body and we kissed close heaps for the night. She was even following me around for a while. then she said it (i need to find my friends)

The real question is does this mean something, because i'm lining date up with them and there keen but is it an anti-f-close or is it just they came with them and left with them kind of thing, and how from there should i act, direct to f-close or just play it the same and date.

I love dating and i dont really want to f-close on the night but it just has me curious, has anybody noticed, experienced this?