Just tried it. I'm kinda drunk and I've been walking around campus running Direct Game for the past few hours:

- Your habitual body language will come out. Be that habit alpha or beta, whatever your habit, it will be the most prominent.

- If you are a happy drunk you will have a nice cocky/funny facial expression... but if you're a sad or angry drunk, you'd be better to sarge sober.

- If you are a master of conversation and/or situational threads and stacks, then you will struggle a little bit with keeping your train of thought. If you are at all (and I mean even 0.01%) shaky on conversation, then you will have at least a few awkward silences DLVing against you - not necessarily a blow out, but definitely something fyi.

- Don't try to play off of her reactions because you will only detect those reactions about 3 seconds too late. Just output your own game as calibrated and analyze later.

This ^ is just a few details