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Thread: How to escalate things with a shy/prude girl?

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    Default How to escalate things with a shy/prude girl?

    So I'm at the bar yesterday and a friend/target came up from behind me and slapped my butt...I turned around and gave her a hug and somewhat ignored her.

    Me and this girl have made out 4 ish months ago then never did anything else because the summer came. I kept in touch a little over the summer but once I was back in college I started my text game on her, which is why she was "excited" to see me last night.

    Anyways, I met up w/ 4 other girls at the bar and chatted a bit then me and my girl crossed paths and she kinda said hey then we walked by each other.

    I'm sure I sound like an AFC at this point but this is one of FEW girls I can't get a solid read on...from what all her friends told me and the vibe I'm constantly getting from her, she is very shy and somewhat, how do I keep her interested and escalate to the bedroom?

    I've done some very light Kino w/ her b4 but never escalate because I can barely keep a fun conversation w/ this girl.

    Thanks in advance guys.
    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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    Default Re: How to escalate things with a shy/prude girl?

    Being shy and being prude are two different things. Shy people have a
    hard time expressing themselves and tend to over think in social
    situations. It is not that she is necessarily prude but that she is just
    very self conscious of doing or saying anything that might cause
    her embarrassment in front of others.

    Understand that if she does end up opening up to you and you two
    hook up that there is a high probability that it will have a lot more
    meaning for her. It is much harder on her than other women
    emotionally to feel comfortable enough to trust you. So if she
    is truly shy and you care about her well being then it is a likelihood
    that she is not the type of woman with which you can have
    just a One Night Stand.

    Be patient and persistent, and if she likes you then it will eventually
    pay off. Do not expect her to be totally comfortable expressing
    certain feelings and she might even feel a little uneasy when you
    do as well. You will probably do much of the talking at times and her
    lack of participation will be more about concern over her possibly
    saying the wrong things. It will have nothing to do with her not
    wanting to talk with you. If you do end up in a relationship with
    her then she will feel comfortable enough to express herself to you.

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    Default Re: How to escalate things with a shy/prude girl?

    Shakeshi is very right that shy doesn't mean prude. It has been my experience that many shy girls are secretly dying to be opened up by a man that they can be passionate with.

    I have also opened shy chicks that turn out to be first class weirdos as well, though.

    IMO, shy means more comfort building and rapport. Direct Game is my preference for shy girls since they tend towards suspicion if you open them with some random gambit.

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    Default Re: How to escalate things with a shy/prude girl?

    Yes yes yes I agree with Shakeshi. My current gf is pretty shy, but I kept pushing and showing confidence. She does express a little of her feelings, but once we made it official it skyrocketed. You really have to take the lead on this one and not try to look for obvious signs that she's interested. Just assume she is interested and keep pushing until you encounter heavy resistance.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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