This is for all you college PUAs out there - How to turn your dorm into a lair.

(mine has fallen into disrepair this weekend, so before I clean I'm posting here!)

Appearance - this proabably goes without saying, but the appearance of your dorm can either be a dhv or a dlv

Dorm DLV's
- Dirty Launrdy - keep it tucket away, out of sight in a hamper
- Garbage Lying Around - take out the trash daily
- Insects - you'll get these if you leave food out... trust me. It sux
- Having your Homework out - seeing homework and books will just put her in a logical state
- Unflushed Toilet - duh.
- Blandness - four walls, a bed, a desk... and nothing else = no stimulation for her mind or anything else.
- Disrepair - if your lightbulbs are out and your cable isn't working and your xbox has the red ring... this is not good.
- Dirty Dishes - keep em clean and don't leave em out

Dorm DHV's
- Be organized - have a place for everything and keep everything (roughly) in its' place
- Imitate an apartment - have a "kitchen" have an "office" have a "bedroom" - maybe each of these is only a corner each - maybe your "kitchen" is just a shelf above your "office" which is another shelf.
- Entertainment center - this is both a "I can buy electronics" DHV as well as a "come over to watch a movie" excuse for C3
- Decorations - have little trinkets that showcase your personality placed around the room - have a story or DHV routine for each
- Wall stuff - posters (at least a few in frames) or pictures hanging around your walls (and running DHV routines of them) can help relax her and get her in a sensual mood
- First Visual - think about what is the first thing she sees upon opening the door? To where is the eye drawn? There is a big difference between her opening a door to a big sports-team banner or your dirty socks (in mine I just have suits hanging by the door)
- Drapes. Have drapes on the sides of your window. This will help set you apart.

Seating - where you sit is where you escalate
(Gotta give props to Cody for this idea)
Basically, eliminate any places to sit (desk chairs, stools, etc) that you wouldn't also be able to fark on. Have her sit on a bed, couch, beanbag chair, etc).

Practice - basically make seduction practical
- Make it like "a thing" that people come over and watch movies or study or whatever (even if those people are only one girl at a time >:-) )
- Swing her by your place to just pop-in to pick something up. Classic move and makes C3 sooooo much easier.
- Keep the lights on and a very non-seductive environment when you begin C3 - don't have her walk in to a room with the blinds drawn and scented candles flickering and Marvin Gay planying quietly in the background... that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea
- If you watch a movie watch something either funny and/or semi-sensual (something that will get her thinking about sex, without it being the most prominent thing in the movie
- Comment funny things about the movie early on so that you can more easily stack to your routines and run game (especially Kino)
- Have condoms (and anything else you might want for S3 ) in your bedside droor (definitely out of sight and not in a little basket on your table.