For those who are struggling to get past making out sessions into more sexual moments I want to share one of my tactical weapons that really turns a woman on.

Your making out with her, things are getting heated. Yet, your unsure of your next move but you feel she's ready. Your ready and eager to f-close. But what is next?

What do people want to feel? What do women especially want to feel? They want to feel wanted. Before I got into gaming and really taking being good with women seriously. I had a friend who I witnessed tell a girl to kiss him while we were at a bar and she did so without any hesitation. This stuck with me and when I got into game I started to understand the confidence of that phrase. I incorporated it into my game and went further...

When your with a girl and things heat up. Your making out with her and groping her sexual areas. Move your mouth over to her ear and whisper you want her. You'll notice her sigh or moan softly, like you just made her cream herself. You've lowered her Last Minute Resistance to a very minimal level or none at all. Your taking responsibility for the upcoming actions and showing your confident, care about her and want her. Give it a shot, directly communicate your intentions and interest in her. It hits the majority of what women will express in last minute resistance.