I met this girl a week ago and haven't met up with her since. I used 20 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Wet. Through those questions I found out she's really into me and is DTF. The only problem is that she has a boyfriend of almost 2 years who she says they planned to get married in 7 years...she cheated on him like a week ago, kissed another dude before that, and her ex guy friend almost convinced her to break up with her boyfriend and go with that dude. This relationship cant last much longer especially if she wants me. I'm just having problems getting her to meet. And weather I should just go for it or wait it out as a friend...Or if she's just playing me and is just saying this stuff to be flirty...

HB: Heyy
ME: Sup Milo (gave her a nickname after I learned she liked this chocolate stuff)
HB: Not much, just satisfying my munchies and texting lol. You?
ME: (Sent a picture of me in my halloween costume at a bar)
ME: Where you at?
HB: Hahha
HB: Home
ME: What a lame Saturday
HB: Lol.. Don't judge me! I have a horribly boring life
ME: Then lets make it interesting
HB: How do you plan on doing that?
ME: Why don't you come find out
HB: Would that really be a good idea?
ME: It's up to you if you want to if you want to have fun or be boring
HB: But boring isn't necessarily bad..
ME: Ok grandma do you want me to tuck you in?
(Might have been negging her too much at this point but I was drunk so whatever)
HB: So rude -.-
HB: Being at home is relaxing!
ME: You've got retirement all planned out huh? Why don't we just have fun tonight?
HB: No I do not! Because you know that's a bad idea
ME: What's a bad idea? Having fun?
HB: Me being around any guy other than my boyfriend at night is a bad idea
ME: Why What do you think is going to happen tonight?
HB: I don't know, but I can guarantee something bad would happen
(ioi DTF if she was with me right?????)
ME: Don't flatter yourself. Who says having fun is bad?
HB Hahahaha it's bad for me. Just trust me
ME: Uhh ok I don't think so.. Just drive down here and kick it
HB: Nah, I think I'll be okay here. I'm just gonna go to sleep.. Haha

and I just left it at that

I think it's safe to say that when/if we ever do meet up again we are boinking but I feel like the sexual escalation is going to be through the roof and my impatience is wearing thin I just want to ditch her. However she's a HB8 in my book and it's been a while since I've reeled in a 8+