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    Default Seducing an older chick?

    So i met this girl a couple of weeks back...we text here and there but this was the first time we were hanging out together. We went for a walk with my dogs and then came back to my house and handed out candy to the kids. Now she's 24 and I made her guess till she got my age right (21), at first she seemed a little disappointed and she started being less interested but after a while we got to know each other a little better she started showing interest again.

    She did mention things like "I'm 3 years older than you" and "You have a baby face" so I either brushed it off or negged her for it. She graduated in April and I still got 2 years to go till I finish my engineering degree. I don't think this is gonna be a huge problem but I can tell that she's still a bit hesitant because of the age difference.

    What can I do to make her more accepting or help her get over it?

    Thank guys!

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    Default Re: Seducing an older chick?

    I would say to just keep up your game. Joke and tease her about her being shallow if she says anything else about the age difference and try to indirectly point out to her that just because a guy is older/younger doesn't mean he is any better. Also try to put her in a frame that it is a privilege for you to choose her and that you deserve older woman because of how you carry yourself. Again to reiterate myself make sure you do this subtly or you will come off as too cocky and full of yourself. Best of luck and please let us know what else happens!

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