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Thread: Transition with a tickle fight :D

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    Default Transition with a tickle fight :D

    Power of play fighting/tickle fights

    Now I realise that this is a little bit cliche, you see it in all the movies etc but it works so well. Especially if like me, you rely on a lot of cocky funny material, teasing and generally acting like a child. (poking and pushing your dates whilst playing around etc.).*

    So as a uni student I don't have a lot of dough and I expect a lot of people on here are in the same situation. Also I date mainly other students so we are both always poor :L this results in a lot of cheap dates like a pint in a bar then back to someones to watch a film. The only problem I ever find with this is the transition from the perfectly innocent watching of a film, (if you done well building attraction before this part then she will probs be curled up cuddling you or something) to making out leading to sex rather than a quick sideways kiss if that makes sense :L

    So basically you need to get from sitting next to eachother to one of you being on top of the other, with some serious sexual Tension. This is where the play fight or tickle fight comes in. So she's cuddled up to your side start poking her in the ribs and ask if she's ticklish, she will deny it, when she does push it a bit more 'are you sure?' more tickling. She will most likely play along and you simply escalate to a full blown tickle fight like the ones you used to have with siblings :L*

    You can then move from this to roll her over and hold her down and tickle her without mercy, stop when your bored or you think she's had enough, you want her breathing heavily and squirming to get out, I then always make them admit I'm the winner and then use my favourite line here which is
    'since you've been such a gracious loser............(mo ve in and start making out)'.

    This should lead to a pretty heavy make out session and you can escalate to whatever you want enjoy

    Linking x

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    Default Re: Transition with a tickle fight :D

    Tickle = Sex.

    Build up just small amounts of sexual Tension first then tickle her she will come towards you. You will get a boner, keep tickling her and consciously make it sexual, hug her from behind make it look like you innocently trying to hold her hands down then pause briefly let her get a chance to feel whats happening.. Long story, Just tickle her.

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