Ok here is the situation, I meet this really cute woman that works in a cyber cafe, on a Military base and no she is not a Soldier... She is probably the hottest girl on post, however I would rate her about a 7 or 8... she colored her hair blonde, and has brown eyes... Even though she is very cute, she don't get really to much attention... I notice that she is usually by herself and all alone, and I know it is because a lot of guys here are afraid to approach her... I think it is silly because confronted in danger we are willing to fight, and even give up our lives if needed, but don't have the courage to talk to a beautiful woman... but then again I use to be that way... anyways I talk to her, gave her a couple of complements and a couple of negs... you know the push and pull... having a really good conversation with her, making her laugh and then telling her that I have to go... I asked if I could draw her... she said sure, she gave me a really big smile and took the picture... I was able to draw the picture but not finish it, the next day I made her draw a part of the picture... she was really surprise how well I did and really enjoyed it... she drew a little, while she was drawing, I asked her a couple of question and learn more about her... after about 20 mins. of the conversation and drawing, I told her I had to go, and I told her that I would like for her to teach me some drawing techniques... she agreed and told me that when ever I come in... if it isn't to busy she will take a break and teach me... ok now I will be able to Isolate her and it will be on my time... I am thinking about making her wait for about a week before I start asking for those lessons, but in the mean will visit her at least twice just to say hi and show her that I am interested in her, and also show her that I am also very busy person... that and also I am waiting on my NLP books... What should I say and do when I am alone with her... to get her interested in me??? Please Help!!!