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    Default Hotel/Motel game

    Hey guys, I'm improving in my game and stuff.

    I believe I'm almost reaching the level of intermediate.

    I can build comfort, trust and I'm confident I can seduce. My 1st dating game is near perfect, always achieving 100% success rate for the 2nd date if i dont fuck it up via texting or deliberately ignoring. The girl always wants a second date.

    Here is the big question. I need to know ways to get the girl into the motel, hotel without her feeling uncomfortable.

    Seriously fellas, I need to get this final stage correct. If I can, I can fclose.

    What do you guys suggest I do or say?


    In Thailand its usually the hotel.motel game, as parents and other shit are always in the house. Traditional family and shit..ugh. The Chinese, Indians and Asians would understand what I mean.
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    Default Re: Hotel/Motel game

    wow dude, had to reply to this cuz one of my friends dated a girl that had the same name as you lol. moving on

    getting a girl back to a hotel isnt easy. its a lot easier if shes a tourist already staying in a hotel, or one of you lives a ways away from where you went on a frst date, and you can use a hotel as an excuse not to drive home.

    ive only taken one girl to a hotel rather than her own home. usually i take them to their house. when i did withthe other girl, we went to dinner, went on a walk around the city until we got lost and after an hour of looking for the car i convinced her wed find it in the morning
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