A girl in my working environment (not a direct co worker)
She is single and she has not had a bf for a few years

she touches my legs shoulders
she pushes her breasts forward while I am around
she does side glances looking at crotch
she will sit next to me if possible
she makes semi sexual remarks
But on some days she also acts cold/not looking/ not paying attenton

This is all when other people are around.
I have only had 1 semi formal conversation with her when we were alone

There is something in the air but it does not see to materialize

Im going on a 1 hr lunch with her and two other women in two days to celebrate something we did finnish together.
After this lunch I will not see her for some time in a informal setting like this.

How should I escalate this sexual Tension.
For now I'm more interested in a phyical`relation . I do not want to date (yet)

Any things I should say or do during the lunch.

Thx a lot