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    Default I Wanna Hold Your Hand

    If your going to be a pua theres something you have to realize. It doesnt all come down to learning a singular technique. Theres no one thing you can learn that will make women beg for you, that will make that 10 melt in your arms. It won't happen, but you can make women like that towards By mastering many different things that will each make you better by 1 percent. And if this is true then Im about to make your game a little better.
    Ok one of my favorite techniques when i approach a girl and an awesome way to get physical fast is to hold there hand. Ok i can smell your limiting beliefs a mile a way so let me break down how and why.
    When i meet a girl, i either A go in indirect or B direct either way i use this. First I
    introduce myself reach out my hand for a shake. She grabs it and i hold it. *Gasp* When you do this you cant be a chode and think oh no shes going to hate it that i holding her hand. You have to be comfortable doing it. Don't look at the hand, if you want you can address it but honestly you dont have to. Now while your doing this gesture using that hand, you can use physical Push Pull and twirl her control and assert general dominance. Why do this. So i can fark her faster, get her through the steps faster. Create that romantic vibe i crave, i can gauge interest and it hits a girls subcontious mind like nothing else. Now take this 1 percent and use common sense. If she doesnt want to hold your hand dont be a chode leave it alone like nothing happened and plough through.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
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    Default Re: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

    don't forget holding eye contact Idk if it's just me, but where I was grown up, when you meet new women unless it's in a professional setting, you never shake hands. You hug, and kiss them from cheek to cheek. Makes it cake to establish immediate physical contact, and if she's a little taken aback, even if it's now how you were raised, you can still say that it was
    Rock on!
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