Some of my best openers and attraction builders come from natural emotional triggers all to often overlooked. Now this DOES NOT always mean the "cool style & great vibes" that she has line doesn't work. But this will go into a deeper an emotional level with the HB. What a lot of guys actually do when they start their journey in the game is train themselves to be emotionally distant from their target. To save your self from onitis or over-thinking. Pushing down those emotions is fine, but learning to have them their and use them to your BENEFIT is much better, believe me.

what does this mean?
an example of this would be "you look so good when you smile! you should do it more"
or "you have to be one of the only girls i know who i can actually have a ""REAL"" conversation with."


Women are not rational creatures, their decisions are for the most part based of emotion. So on your next sarge try something new (if you haven't done this already) and if you do use compliments in your game, say what you FEEL. instead of what you notice.

Let me know your results, thrive on feedback.