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Thread: any hardcore direct material?

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    Default any hardcore direct material?

    Is there any pua material from guys who are very direct? I'm talking about hardcore direct right from the start, where they attempt to close the woman for sex within seconds of meeting her. The only ones I've come across are Alan Roger Currie and Dimitri the Lover. Anyone else?

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    Default Re: any hardcore direct material?

    This is courtesy of Xavier from awhile back. Good stuff.

    The Approach:
    U approach from the front and NEVER from behind. If she is walking towards u plant urself in front of her path and lift ure hands up as if to say stop. If she walked pass u, u turn around jog back and then turn around and do the same. Be careful, give her space don't bump in to her count to three when u're shoulder to shoulder and then turn, there needs to be distance.

    The Opener:
    If u have been practicing night game this going to be a bit counter intuitive but u're opener is a compliment a simple one like u look nice today delivered in a way and tone of voice that will project u're alpha male quality, meaning u don't say it in a wussy kind of i told u u look nice so please talk to me way. No u are strong say it as if it were a statement that doesn't really mean anything, she 's got u intrested but she has still a lot to do to win u.

    The Conversation:
    This really depends on how good a conversationalist u are but I am going to give a lot of ways to do it.First off, to begin the convo and at the same time never run out of things to say u have to make assumptions no matter what they are like u're asian, probably from china. The reason to this is she'll wanna know why u made that assumption, girls like to know how they are perceived so she'll be like no from japan and maybe she'll tell why did u think china? and u'll continue.If she stops at a statement u'll say a statement about her answer and follow it up with a question like japan wow thats a very interesting place i've never been there (statement) i hear japaneese people are great cooks (or whatever) are u a good cook?...

    So u'll be in a cycle of statement+question-answer-statement+question-answer...........

    Now if u are an expert u will go: u statement-her statement about u're statement- u statement about her statement........... ...
    u will not give in to the silence that will come after u're statement(or assumption) u are an alpha male, silence means sh1t to u u are a master of it u are pushing her to talk without really forcing her. She will love that.

    What u should never do is question-her answer-question-her answer-question-........ like in an interview.

    The conversation will dry out.

    Of course during the conversation u will push and pull, challenge her, tease her and maybe even throw a little neg.

    The Number Close:
    If u've got the vibe, it's easy just ask her for it :"I want u're number we'll go to X and do X sometime."
    U can take out u're phone and say: "hey u know u're very interesting and i'd like to talk to u again another time i wish there were a device that can permit that" waving u're phone in front of her.

    U can and this is what i do now:

    Instante Dates:
    Not really my thing cuz i don't think it will get u sex the same night but it's easy as well if u got her digging u. U say "Look before u stoped me i was going to get a coffee at X near place it will be fun we'll sit continue our chat" whilst saying this u will turn her around put u're hand on her back and lead her there.
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