This may sound a bit weird, but I'm looking for some advice on how to slow things down in the bedroom.

I've been sleeping with this girl for a few weeks and it's going pretty good. Even when she's come over having said "I'm not having sex tonight", we have. The thing is, we'll be making out for a bit then start touching and all that, but I've barely been down on her. I've either made the move to go down on her, or gone down on her for only about 20 seconds, and she says something like "Just fark me!".

Now I'm well aware I could be dealing with worse problems here haha, but I really want to go down on her properly for a decent amount of time as I think extending the foreplay will improve the sex for both of us and I think she'll have some really good orgasms just from being licked out. I'm not sure if she's never had anyone go down on her and do a good job before or what, but (not meaning to brag) I'm confident she'll be into it as my previous partners have loved it.

Having been reading a lot of alpha male stuff lately, I want to go about this in the right way. So next time she says "Just fark me", what's the best way for me to tell her I want to keep licking her out to see if she likes it, rather than asking her?