Ok, she is a HB8, workmate, and now, my client! Cuz, i'm a trainer as well.
We start train 2 days ago, and I had more chances to know more about her.
I got some ioi's, such as the standard questions: do u have girlfriend? Do you like the girls in this country...and she talk a lot (bad things) about ex-bf...
Also, "joking" i said to her that she will pay my classes taking me out for a drink, and she said "cool!"

Now i'm in that point. Should i change the gears, and try to hang out with her the next week? should i wait more, and try to get more info? My biggest problem, is she have a lot of "fans" so I need to make her feel atracted for me.

I think that i'm in nowhere land, and i don't like this. Anyway, if i get something from her, i think that she like the straightforwad way.

Opinions please comrades!