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    Default girl doesn't want a relationship... possible fwb?

    Alright so I was hanging out with an HB9 for a couple weeks and things went really well... The furthest we got was supper/drinks and a bj after at my place. But then three days later she clarified that she wasn't looking for a relationship but still wanted to hang out (found out she was in a relationship 2 months earlier) I was choked because I actually wanted to date her; I said I didn't want to see her for a bit (stupidstupid).

    So for the next couple of days I'm wondering why she did all this stuff with me if she didn't want a relationship (didn't seem like that kind of girl, but I love those girls haha). So I texted her and said that I'm just fine not dating her and was down to keep hanging out. I went on to subtly hint towards the friends w/ benefits thing. I basically said: "realizing the fact that there is no relationship happening, if I kiss you are you going to kiss me back?" She said "always."

    So I guess my question is what do I do from here? Do I just act the same as I did before that attracted her, but don't make any moves the next time we hang out? Cause it will drive her nuts that I'm not making a move, right? Or should I just go for it and see if I can escalate it?

    Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: girl doesn't want a relationship... possible fwb?

    If you got a bj, then just keep her as an FWB, don't get emotionally hung up, and just enjoy yourself.

    Escalate is probably a bad word to use here. You've already been sexual with her. If it were me, I'd figure out a way to just get her constantly craving you by becoming the perfect sexual outlet from her relationship (if you are okay with doing that).
    - CR

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