This girl and i randomly hooked up via texts and continued seeing each other and hooking up for a little over a month. She made it clear it was not a serious relationship and all she wanted was to hook up, which I was fine with, despite the fact that we hung out all day long almost every day for a little over a month. After that month it seems like she lost interest but we still talk and i have been friend zoned i know this because all of the nights we have gone out together she will either leave with someone else or would not come over.I feel like my game up until the end of the night is perfect however when the time comes i always choke. We still hang out together every now and then and text often but it seems as if it is not going anywhere. I have slowly been changing my approach to conversation with her however i could use any and all advice about how to seal the deal again. Oh and she is also under the impression that i want to date her which i do not just strictly FWB.