Hi there, I'm pretty new here (first post!) - haven't been interested in girls at all really since me and my ex split up and now struggling to remember what it was that I did to seduce girls (More likely I just need my confidence back if I'm honest).

So last week I was out in a club with lots of uni friends and one of the girls brings her housemate along who isn't part of our social group but I have met once maybe very briefly (probably an 8). We're all very drunk and we're all dancing but when we go (as a group) to get a drink, I lead them through the crowd (she's behind me) so I offer my hand to help lead her through and she squeezes it (ioi?). After this though she goes cold but then one of those camera people come up and offer to take pictures of our group...she's up close next to me but looking away so I told her not to as she has no reason to, (wasn't sure whether calling her beautiful would be cheesy.)
It turns out from her friend that she just broke up with a relatively long term boy friend a few days before. (maybe scared he might see the photos? - my ex kept saying that - not sure if that's a 'thing')

I'm hoping that this girl is at the party I'm going to tonight so I can try and get closer to her and take it as far as I can. She's moving abroad in a few months to study so no relationship is on the cards (that was apparently why they broke up - coincidentally the same reason my ex and I split...not sure if mentioning that is a good idea though - don't want to end up talking about that all night)

Are there any methods or lines I can do/say to increase my chances? She seems like a really nice girl, but i reckon with the closeness before she might be up for something? I'm expecting the "I just got out of a relationship" line...any way to get around that?