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    Default 31yo HB9 I haven't met is coming to my house tonight

    A HB9 and I have "mutual friends" on facebook so I sent her a Friend Request. A few days later I had a message asking if I can teach her how to ride motorcycles (my profile picture is my doing a wheelie on my CBR 600) - we had plans last weekend but I canceled due to bike problems.

    So, she asked if we can get together on Monday or Tuesday and below is our short conversation:

    HB9: Maybe we could get together on a weekday?

    Me: That could work. It would only be the two of us but that may be better - I can give you more attention and/or help if needed.

    HB9: Ya, I need one on one


    HB9: Will tomorrow at 630 work for you?

    Me: That should be ok as long as I get to leave work at 5. It takes me 1 to 2 hours to get home depending on traffic

    HB9 Ok just let me know when u get home or are close

    Me: Sounds good

    So, I'm assuming she messaged me/asked me to teach her so she can:
    A) get to know me;
    B) has an excuse to meet me; or
    C) hook up with me(?)

    Would I be wrong assuming that older women (she is 31) are more direct than younger women? I think that because her and I don't know each other at all, yet she is coming to my house tonight to be taught, hands on, by me and me alone - all of which was her idea (the one on one part was more her preference than idea but regardless, she wants to be alone with me - that is for sure).

    I'm going to sexually escalate as early as possible - Suave Kino said, in one of his threads, that it is better to try too soon and fail than it is to draw it out and wait for the right time [not his words].

    I'm pretty nervous - she's the hottest woman I've "had a chance" with (really the first "woman" other than a 30 year old HB7 I F-Closed a year or two ago, before I knew about PUA - but, that was totally different.

    So, can you guys help me out with some tips on ways to escalate when teaching a woman something, hands-on?

    I will already have her isolated and teaching something like riding a motorcycle is a perfect opportunity to use Kino for sexual escalation but other than using kino and being Alpha I don't know what to do..

    Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: 31yo HB9 I haven't met is coming to my house tonight

    How did this end up going? Got one who wants to "ride" as soon as my chopper is repaired.

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