So I'm pretty new to the site, I've read through several posts, gunsnglory's texting post was a huge help in getting me started, I've also read through Ambition's summary of the Mystery Method which has also been helpful. As far as books I'm working through 'The Game' and I just finished David DeAngelo's 'Double Your Dating The Second Edition'.

I'm an artist and I've been talking to this HB who was a year below me in high school (I graduated a year ago). She has been with her BF for quite some time so I never really thought about going for her. But the other day I casually asked if she would be interested in doing some nude modeling for me and she seemed very interested in it (shes told me repeatedly how much she likes my work).

So I was wondering how I should conduct myself when she models for me. Is there anything I should read? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.