Lmao I just remembered something funny that happened to me. I have a friend that I flirt with occationally and one night I was horny so I said fark it it's now or never. I start sexting her and after my second text she stops texting back. In my mind I'm like oh man I messed up. So the next I'm in class with her and she starts flirting and playfully hitting me so I take her phone! Lmao I go through her text and for some reason I stumbled on a text with her and her friend. Lmao you'd never believe what I found!!!!!!!!!!( I was surprised too!!!). The reason why she hasn't text me bak the last night was because I peaked her sexual side that she didn't know what to reply and she even texted her friend asking her what to say back to me!!! ^.^. I don't remember the whole message but it went something like this "what do I say once a guy says ______" her friend then tells her something to say and the girl I was talking to replies to her " no! I need something way more SEXUAL, I don't just want to do that". After that text conversation on her phone I busted out laughing and hand it back to her. I felt so proud of myself!!! I felt like vince kelvin!!! My point is when you're sexting or texting something sexual and the girl doesn't reply it might be because you peaked her sexual mind as far as she doesn't want to send any nonsense response that might mess up the emotion that you've given to her. You might have given her an emotional orgasm!