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    Default Playing the Jealousy game.

    Hey guys,

    So a couple nights ago I accidentally (drunk) put a jealousy element into a HB (the target) I was chasing.

    Was at the bar and N-closed with a HB doctor (pawn). We set up a possible date the next night (Which I never pursued, and we were drunk, sooo). Target texted me asking what I was at and I told her the truth about the HB doctor and the possible date.

    Anyway "target" texted me back saying "Well, Congratulations"

    Decided well I messed up, and who cares. Now today "target" texted me back today asking "How was your date last night?" Without me ever texting anything to her at any point.

    I have never played the Jealousy Plotline before. Seems like a bit of sh!t test to me, but as well a chance to add a lot of value to myself. With being a newbie to this trick, I just have no idea what general idea to go in.

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    Default Re: Playing the Jealousy game.

    Bait her tell you may not reveal right now but a lot happened in your life last night.then push for a date with her.she is interested.don't slack seem to have this abundance mentality and thats awesome.

    In a nutshell thats the most one of the most subtle IOIs you can get.
    A girl told me am so complicated and she hates loving me.
    ioi?Well i was out last night.(w/ her)
    she later told me sometimes it scary...blah

    The moral is sometimes iois may be subtle.Peace

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