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    Default So this AFC walks into a bar

    This part is if you like reading how a newbie acts. tl;dr is below.

    There's a karaoke bar I like to pop into once a week or so. A small-town local-heavy dive, slow if you're looking for women. But some of the locals have come to like me, particularly an old biker guy with a Santa beard. That sounds weird. Bear with me. Last night, in walks this leggy blue-eyed faux-blonde, by herself. A teacher, has a bit of a hot librarian kind of look going on.

    Now, Santa has a tremendous singing voice. He's a joker, too, lights up the whole bar - everyone likes him, including Blonde. Being friends with him is a huge dhv. He opens her, talks, I banter with Biker and then open her.

    Conversation isn't great at first. I'm too eager, too dry, but I strap my balls on and start messing with her a bit, throw in kino once in a while to punctuate my sentences. The girl's flipping her hair a lot, touches me on my leg at some point to get my attention.

    She doesn't want to sing, but I keep trying to goad her to go up. She starts qualifying herself, giggling, getting wound up trying to explain things to me and Santa. It's gravy - the one thing I haven't done is set a sexual frame. No rush, I think to myself, it's nearly last call and I've got no competition.

    I run through different songs, artists with her, to see if there's something that'll make her go up. But she likes Meat Loaf. The only song she will sing is by Meat Loaf. I've literally never heard one of his songs - Do I live under a rock? FARK.

    The bar is nearly empty at this point in the night, so it's not as bad as it sounds - Santa and Blonde drag me up on the stage and insist that I sing a song with them that I've never heard before in my life. I stand there like an idiot, tail between my legs, for longer than I care to mention. A textbook failure.

    We go back to our seats. I'm sitting there, girl near me, sort of at a loss for words. It's not the first time running out of things to say in front of the girl, and I can tell it hurts me. At this point I think the set's gone dead. Suddenly, she picks out a slip of paper and writes her name and number and says she'll go with me to a friend's wedding if I need a date. She makes to head off by herself and I do the same.


    - Girl walks into bar by herself (she's probably up for it #1)
    - I'm DHV'd by a buddy, give her kino, mess with her a bit. She drops ioi. (she's probably up for it #2)
    - I dlv later in the night.
    - No sexual frame, but not a LJBF chode frame either.
    - She gives me her number even after I mess up without me asking for it. (she's probably up for it #3)

    So my question is, now what? The wedding's in half a month. I'm obviously not waiting that long to text her and have another girl in mind for that anyway. Truth is, I just want to sex this girl and move on, and despite screwing up I think she's up for it. I need a strong text opener. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: So this AFC walks into a bar

    Here's my favorite starter line text " hey it's _______ , save this number because it's the most important number you'll ever get " . And I just made this one up a couple of nights ago and it actually works even though I had some doubts " Hey it's the next starting generation of Hugh Heffner but I need a cute starter bunny, how good of a kisser are you? " . Try one of those two and trust me they work and will give you something about and builds attraction and dhv.
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