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    Default BoyFriend Destroyer Needed

    Hey all,
    I'm seeing this one girl who is seeing somebody else and has implied that they're exclusive.. However, she has been into me for a while now and clearly still is. After I failed one of her shit tests a couple months ago due to some typical impatient AFC manoeuvres, we cut ties but she texted me out of the blue asking to go out. We went for coffee and she told me about her life, the new guy, but how she wants to be single. ioi.

    FYI, she broke up with her last boyfriend (of two years) after I laid down some solid groundwork for attraction. At this point, I just need to get her to my house to watch a movie and "cuddle". I'm pretty confident that with the right technique I can slip and slide to the finish line.

    This is where the experts come in: anyone have boyfriend destroyer patterns that have a good success rate? A way to make it seem like sleeping with me is her idea, taking the guilt away from "cheating". She's not serious with this guy and I can tell she's just bored by him. I don't know him very well so comparisons / dhv might not be relevant, but then again, I do have a lot to learn.

    Any input is appreciated!

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    Default Re: BoyFriend Destroyer Needed

    "The world will never change much less become what you want it to be. The only thing that can change is you. Face your fears, grow stronger and become what you want to be."

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