Posted this a few days back and got no responce...need help guys!

So I've been on a few dates with this girl I met online and it's been going great so far. We've been hanging out 4 weekends in a row and last night on our date she said that she was seeing another guy besides me but she didn't feel a spark between them. So by the sounds of it she plans to break it off with the other guy which is good but she mentioned that commitment scares her. She was in a one year LTR and then on and off for another year with the same guy.

My question is how do I get her to agree to be exclusive? I would like to be in a relationship with this girl but I have to escalate with her at a slower pace than usual. She also did say that I can date other girls besides her, unless we develop into something more and become exclusive.

I also don't know what to take of this but she asked me to be her date for a wedding during New Years in another province. I said I couldn't because I was already going on a ski trip with my friends, but what do you guys think of this?