“Nothing much to do... I’m at home and I
think I’m so addicted to your passionate
sex... I still can’t get over last night… I love
If you’re not regularly receiving text
messages like that, even from seasoned
party girls - and you could use a primer on
how to be a good lover - read on.
The next text she sent me was:
“Hmm… what is your secret magic?”
I didn’t tell her… but I’m going to tell you.
And if you don't know how to make girls
crawl the walls, you really need to learn
how to. It does a lot for your confidence…
and it does a lot for your ability to hang
onto a girl you really like.
Really, there's no reason that you shouldn't
be able to give a girl an orgasm multiple
times when you're sleeping with her.
And once you're able to do this, then
you can approach women knowing that
you will give them the best sex of
their lives... And that's powerful.
What IS “Good In Bed”?
If you ask just about any man whether or
not he’s good in bed, 99% of guys will say
that they are.
Just like most guys think they’re a better
than average driver…
But of course, that’s impossible. Only 50%
of drivers are better than average. And it’s
not automatically the 50% that are male…
The point is, we guys have a big ego and
we often have a very optimistic view
of our own abilities when it comes to
any skill that is associated with
masculinity … and for that reason, we
often don’t seek to improve our skills in
that area.
Including how to be a good lover.
I used to be the same way… until I started
to get into tantric sex and other oriental
sexual practices.
And suddenly I realized that most people
don’t know what “good in bed” even means!
The first girlfriend I had after studying
some of these techniques was able to come
three times within 90 seconds… and I’m
not even talking about serial orgasms, but
three separate ones.
Sometimes her climax would last for five
minutes… and I once counted her coming
19 times in one single night.
The next morning, she was sitting on my
bed, leaning back against the wall and
staring at the ceiling… she could hardly
string a complete sentence together
anymore – and she, too, wanted to know
where in the WORLD I had learned how to
do that.
I’m going to reveal some of the secrets of
being really good in bed right here.
Hittin’ What Spots, Now?
Some guys apparently still struggle to find
the clitoris… I don’t assume you’re one of
them, but if you ever have to explain it to
your friend who doesn’t do anything other
than play World of Warcraft, tell him it’s
the thing above the vagina that feels like a
mouse wheel.
Different strokes for different chicks…
some girls like it when you rub their clit
very gently, barely touching it even. Others
like it rough and you can use your flat hand
and rub it back and forth as fast and hard
as you can… you have to gauge her a little
And make sure you use plenty of lube if
you do the latter…
So that’s the clit.
The second spot is a little bit more
interesting – I’m talking, of course, about
the infamous G-Spot.
The G-Spot – A Myth?
Believe it or not, there was an article on
BBC not too long ago, claiming that the G-
Spot “ doesn’t appear to exist.”
If you’ve ever seen how women respond
when you stimulate their G-Spot, you will
find that claim as hysterical as I do - I can
only conclude that the scientist who wrote
that paper not only made a fool out of
himself by publicly proclaiming that he is
unable to pleasure women, but also that he
needs to get laid more… a lot more.
Somebody needs to point him to our
Yes, the G-Spot does exist – anatomically
speaking, it is the female equivalent of the
prostate… just like the clitoris is the
female equivalent of the penis.
It can be found inside the vagina, and you
can easily reach it with your middle
finger… it becomes engorged when a
woman is aroused, and stimulating it can
cause female ejaculation.
Just like with the clitoris, different
women like to have their G-Spot
stimulated in different ways … some
like it when you move your finger in a
circular motion, others prefer a quick back-
and-forth from left to right, and some like
a gentle come-hither motion…
The possibilities are endless, and you will
have to find out what she likes best by
trying a few different things and seeing
how she responds… it’s also a good idea to
ask her.
Communication is always a winner in any
In the end of the day, however, this isn’t as
much about technique as it is about
psychologically stimulating a woman by
being a strong masculine man who takes
the lead.
The Deep Spot
This spot is a little bit harder to find than
the other two… and as its name suggests,
it’s pretty deep inside a woman’s vagina.
In fact, it is so deep that a surefire way to
find it is to move your fingers so far
inside that you can feel her cervix… then
bend your fingers a bit, and you’ve got it.
The Deep Spot is made up of the muscles
that contract when a woman orgasms…
which means that if you massage and
stimulate these muscles, you can’t
HELP but give a girl orgasms .
It’s really cute to see the expression on
their faces when they realize that, even if
just for a minute, you completely own
them… you own their pleasure, and you can
send their mind on a rocket ride to the
moon and back.
This is what causes sexual addiction… if
you get this technique down and use it with
a girl, you won’t have to worry a whole lot
about how to make her want you and to
keep her around once you’ve slept with her.
Women just can’t get enough of this one!
Note that the Deep Spot isn’t actually
a “spot” … It reaches from the front of her
anterior fornix (below her belly button) all
the way to the back, near her rectum…
…and by the way, if you stimulate the back
of the deep spot during anal sex, it can
make some girls speech impaired for a
while from the endorphin overdose!
The R-Spot
I took the liberty of naming this spot after
myself, because I haven’t seen anybody
write about it before.
The R-Spot is right between the G-Spot and
the Deep Spot… and it is very small.
In fact, it feels a bit as if there was a grain
of rice under her skin… and not all girls
even seem to have this spot.
With girls who DO have it, however,
you can often get them off in seconds
by stimulating the R-Spot … look for it.
You might be in for a surprise…
Which brings me to my next point. Not all
girls are the same sexually… and while
this might sound obvious, there are still a
lot of “gurus” out there who claim that you
can give the same sexual experience to any
That is simply not true…
It’s the same with guys… some of us get
off on a blowjob in seconds. I even know
guys who prefer it to sex!
With others, a blowjob does nothing for
them and they’ve never had an orgasm
from oral sex in their lives.
And it’s the same with girls. Some can
come 15 to 20 times in a single night… that
is absolutely true. Others might experience
only a couple of orgasms or even none at
And while it’s possible to teach a girl that’s
never had an orgasm before how to let
herself go and cum for the first time in
her life, that is a bit beyond the scope of
this article.
But by the same token, some girls have a
higher sex drive than others.
I’ve dated girls who were perfectly fine
hanging out with their boyfriends or the
guys they were dating and not have sex
with them… yeah I know. That sounds
insane to me too.
But it’s reality.
On the other hand, I’ve known a couple of
girls whose sex drive outstripped just
about ANY guy’s… I’m talking about
chicks that you pleasure for four
hours straight and after round four
they jump you again and get all
disappointed and sexually frustrated
if you run out of steam !
Fortunately, we still have our hands… and
if you learn some of the techniques above,
you can really do some magic and hold a
total monopoly over her sexual pleasure.
You better believe she’s going to call you
How to Be a Good Lover: Beyond
As I mentioned above, it’s not all about
technique. And while it’s not true that
technique doesn’t matter at all, you also
can’t give a girl the night of her life just
by going through a million different
positions and ways of stimulating her
The mental component is important,
as discussed above…
…and sex with a woman begins the
moment you first talk to her!
It’s all in the psychological build-up, you
And if you combine that with physical
build-up, you have a girl that will be so
ready to go and dripping wet before you
ever start having sex with her that she’s
going to BEG you to penetrate her…
…which, by the way, will also make it
ten times more likely that she’s
going to have an insane amount of
orgasms and experience the night of
her life with you.
So what IS good foreplay really? Some
kissing, some fondling, some caressing?
Nah… that won’t do it. Every guy does that.
Here’s how you can set yourself apart.
Preheating the Oven
Want to know how to be a good lover for
your girl? Well, here are a couple of things
you can do to make her weak at the knees
and melt in your arms before you even get
started… and a couple of secret tips and
tricks to give a girl orgasms, and for the
actual sex as well:
Smelling her neck, breathing into her ear
and licking her skin: Lick a spot on her skin
so it becomes moist, and THEN breathe on
it. Your warm breath will make the saliva
evaporate and give her the shivers. Works
best on her breasts or her neck.
Run your fingers along those parts of her
body where the light thin hair is… the hair
that is barely even visible. Stay about a
millimeter above her skin, so you don't
touch it… but you do brush that hair.
Goosebumps guaranteed.
Biting - a very sensual, slow bite that can
be very erotic to a woman. You can also
byte her whole lower jaw... I’m not even
sure why this turns many women on so
much, but I suspect it’s because it’s such an
expression of raw passion and desire.
Ass smacking – this really depends on the
girl. Some women only get really aroused
if you are super affectionate and sweet
with them, others won’t leave your
bedroom happy unless you smack them in
the face and dominate them like a rag doll.
Be careful with this and ramp it up slowly
to find out what she likes.
Tease her – licking or even just touching a
girl around her vagina or her breasts (not
actually on them initially) is extremely
powerful. You can also lick her tits, but only
for half a second and pull back… Wait 5
seconds and do it again. Avoid her nipple
and tease her stupid.
For cunnilingus, try to pretend like you're
French kissing her vagina as if it was her
mouth. It’s as exciting to them when they
can tell you’re really enjoying her as it is to
us when a girl looks us straight in the eyes
with desire while she’s giving a blow job.
Kisses - For some reason girls really like it
when you kiss them all over their bodies...
You can even give a girl little peck kisses
all over her face. The same goes for softly
touching her face, for your cheek touching
her cheek and even for cupping her face
with your hands as you make out with her.
Put her legs on your shoulders or your
chest, with her pelvis tilted up while you
have sex with her – that way you can really
hit her deep spot as you penetrate her, and
her own knees will be massaging her
Pull her nipple strongly with your lips, or
softly with your teeth… then lick the
middle of her nipple quickly up and down,
back and forth with your tongue. Also try
going in circles, around the nipple… you
can even spiral your way from the outside
in, getting closer and closer, always going
in circles.
The reason why this is such a turn-on for
women is because the nerve endings at the
skin of her breasts are arranged in circles.
Massage both her G-spot and her Deep Spot
from the inside and the outside (her belly)
at the same time.
If you're good at multitasking, you can even
stimulate your girl in four ways at the
same time, with your left and right hands,
your mouth and your member.
While she's on top, raise your hip and just
shake it back and forth. You can get a good
angle at her spots that way, and her whole
body is pretty much at your mercy... which
is a huge turn-on for most women. She’s on
top, but she has no control over what's
happening to her at all.
As you stimulate her G-Spot, instead of
doing a come hither motion, go left and
right, back and forth, with your middle
finger, and extremely fast. The gland
should swell and so your finger will slide
off the gland on either side every time you
cross it.
That’s a whole bunch of dynamite I’ve just
given you to play with… and as such, I have
to give you a warning.
Do NOT use this full arsenal on
women you’re not in the least bit
serious about. You can REALLY create a
powerful sexual addiction in women if you
do, and you don’t want women you’re seeing
only casually to get too attached to you.
You need to be careful you don't hurt a
girl by doing this with the wrong girl.
Trust me on this, there is absolutely NO
benefit whatsoever in getting girls
to fall in love with you when you’re
not in love with them . It will only create
drama, they will give you the ultimatum
and what could otherwise be a pleasant
experience for everybody will end in
tears .
So reserve the real nukes for the girls you
REALLY like.
It will be one heck of a solid foundation for
a relationship if you can rock her world…
like no man she has EVER met, nor will
ever meet… in her LIFE.
See you later.