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Thread: 26 yr old - first time seducing

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    Default 26 yr old - first time seducing

    Hello All,

    As a 26Virgin who is now getting the hang out things slowly, I figured maybe I can share something that took me 26 years to figure out.

    This happened last week.

    In short, my biggest problem with girls has been "what to do after kissing / making out."

    You can NOT just go to her private parts all of a sudden!

    (its amazing. My CAT had to teach me what to do).

    Basically, I was lying in bed with chick. And kept messaging her.

    (if you know how to make a cat purr; Do the same thing lol).

    Just message neck, shoulders, go down, up, go close to private parts and pull away. TEASE HER like a fking cat!

    You will know how that part is going by her moaning.

    (I kept on teasing).

    And THAN what I shall refer to as "animal mode" happens.

    Breathing starts, and it just... you KNOW she is down. its like "follow the moaning." lol.

    (considering it was my first time doing this, I had a very fun time exploring the female anatomy."

    the following where the best things ive heard in my life so far:

    "censored by moderators; )!Harder!"

    "Moannning. (God thats such a beautiful sound to hear).

    "ohhh.. ohhhhhhh."


    Best part was when she crazy-grabbed my under-side of arm and just "nails in, very hard." (my brain went insane. it was like:

    "WTF is this bitch doing? she just hurt me and it was the best mental high ever! (I guess i am kinky like that. hehe. hehe. hehe. hehe)."


    The only part that was "whatever" was that..... um, well. i spent too long on her, got tired, too drunk, and um, well, by the time we got to my needs, my member wasn't even up by the time i finished pleasing her. so my end wasn't as good. (my fault. now I realize when girl is in "Moaning Mode" I can get her to do whatever so next time i will).

    Actually, i needa call this girl like "heya let's finish it up." lol.

    (it's all good. The only piece of the puzzle i didn't understand was getting her to moan and go crazy. now that i basically have that down. its on). lol.
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    Default Re: 26 yr old - first time seducing

    Nice job man, you did good! I agree completely, you gotta tease a bit. Same thing goes for other aspects, such as when you're making out and even when it comes down to fucking her silly.

    When you're making out, you don't just go and grab her pussy, you rub her thighs, her stomach, her ass, around her pussy, brush over it as if it was an accident, inner thighs, etc. Then after a few minutes she'll be good and wet and thats when you go for it. Same with foreplay and sex, you gotta get her wet first and tease her a bit.

    That was a good read!

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