Hello Gentlemen,

This is my first post, so ill try my best to make it as good as I can. A little intro to me, I am 19 born in Italy living in Canada, I speak English, french and italian fluently, and a good amount of spanish, mandarin and portuguese as well as very basic greek, I mention this because ive always use this as a tool in my game, more over I am a fitness model about to enter my first competition and Im looking the best i ever have.... however I am not feeling that confident, but ill get to that later. As a young teenager, i was a bit of a nerd (doing well in school, no social life), I was obese and i am a blondish redhead, no freckles, never the less a red head, so I was picked on and never got any girls. Though that changed when I lost the weight and began to get into bodybuilding and I got my first girlfriend. i dated her for 6 months then we broke up because I was going on vacation for 2 months, even though we were madly in love. When on vacation, I slept with a 4 women from different countries and even when I got back home I had slept with 2 more. About a month after returning home, she was "seeing" someone, though I wanted her back and we got back together and dated for another year. Towards the end I began to resent her, I felt like i was too mature and smart and attractive for her, even though it wasn't entirely true, I began to get cockey and my stupid ego was out of control. I got an awesome and fulfilling job, I was making a good amount of money for someone my age and I was pulling high marks in college. I was so bad that my friends began to distance themselves from me.

So I broke up with my ex for the second time, and enjoyed my single life in the summer, I then met a young lady, who was extremely intelligent, very mature, and everything else about her in the way she acted was different from my ex, however, I found out later that she is a feminist, but I looked at it like a challenge. She wasn't as pretty as my ex, but she has everything that my ex was missing. My ex was very quirky, fun and full of energy, however she didn't do that well in school but she was such a likeable person! My current girlfriend though, I have grown tired of her, though she is smart, and mature, she is kind of needy and I am not that sexualy attracted to her anymore, more over she doesn't have much character is a little boring at times.

For the last 2 weeks all i can think of is my ex, how much I loved her, how good the sex was, how much fun we had and everything! And frankly I still lover her... a lot.... problem: she has a new boyfriend! but i want her back! And i am planning on breaking it off with my current girl because i really am not into it anymore. But the goal is to get the other ex back, there has never been a girl that made me feel the way she did and I really really want her back.

Now, I dont know if this has any value, however, she is one to post a lot of things on facebook and Instagram, when we dated she would always write on her wall about how great I was and post pictures of us etc... though with this guy I haven't seen a single picture of them together... so thats it, I just want her back, so im going to the experts, that's you guys! Please any suggestions? and sorry for the shitty grammar, this was written on my phone