Okay, so over the summer, while I had a girlfriend, there were these girls that I met at a party that were extremely outgoing (partiers, who seem extremely easy, but also extremely sexy). They just start grinding on me and my friend (who also had a girlfriend who was there), but when the one with a huge butt put her butt on me I got thoughts of touching her back (which would have led to me taking her into a bed), after which I looked at my girlfriend and felt guilty and went to the other room. Anyway, these girls are extremely easy, I am single now, and am getting them to go to a party with me before New Years. I know I could get one of them by touching them and rubbing their body until I bring them up for a make out session (which I will f-close for sure once I kiss her neck), but I want to have a 3-way with 2 of them. How would I escalate with two of them? This is the biggest opportunity I think I will ever have at a 3-way with such attractive women (because I want to settle down with someone in the next couple years), which is on my bucket list. So how would I go about pulling 2 of them into bed? I know they are down for this kind of thing because they were going to do it with my friend but he didn't because of his girlfriend. Man I'm in serious dilemma. Can someone with experience in this please give me some advice? If possible step-by-step. Remember they are going to be VERY influenced by alcohol and possibly some other things so that should make it easier.