Hey guys , been playing this game for like 1,5 year now and I must say I'm good at it somehow, I just can't f-close ,it's like somebody put some spell on me (ex-girlfriend maybe?). I get to the point where I stopped taking numbers, nowadays I run good dancefloor game , and I'm going for the kiss quite early in the iteraction, I'm not afraid to pull the trigger ass touching or grabbing no problem ,you got it, and after a while girl is starting to chase me, I mean she initiates kissing etc, had a girl open my shirt halfway and she started touching my chest, she was quite clingy, couldnt take a breath cause we kissed for like 30 min non stop I mean shit wanted to take breath and she does it again, told her let's go home and she's holding my hand and says she dont do it. This is getting ridicoulous for me, I'm confident enought to say that 8 out of 10 times I go out I will make heavy with same girl several times,I had couple of great nights when I kissed as much as 3 girls same night and still no fucking. One problem might be that I live in suburbs and had to travel 1hr to get to city center but even if I lie and say I live closer I still wont get laid. I'm really stuck at this point , I made out with 15 plus girls (it was more than that but thats the minimal number and no fucking (period since Semtember ). Can field experienced pua pinpoint my problem and tell me the solution. I think I truly run a good game cause some girls are so turned on like they want to rip shirt off me yet when it comes to fucking nothing happens