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Thread: Orgasim without touching

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    Default Re: Orgasim without touching

    Another possible problem is that because there's so little physical stimulation, that you would risk her BARELY reaching orgasm (assuming she does), and this isn't always pleasant. It would be like orgasming when you're thrusting her in a very slow pace. Yeah, you can get there, but you would enjoy it a hell of a lot more if you could reach your full climax rather than doing just enough to break the ice.

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    Default Re: Orgasim without touching

    Haha.. I don't wanna get too graphic here, but some of the best orgasms I've experience (her included) have been while "thrusting at a slow pace".

    Not sure I feel you. I think I know what you're getting at though.

    Just thought I'd share that.. Not sure why. I've been drinking a little.

    Dudes. If you really wanna blow a girls mind in the bedroom - or living room, or kitchen.. On top of a pool table is always fun - something a little more practical that I did myself the favour of doing was researching how to give amazing oral sex. If you are really good at going down on a woman, she will farking worship the ground you farking walk on. I'm serious, women have a huuuge appreciation for guys that know what they're doing down there. It's rare so they don't expect it.. Look into what they like and more importantly WHY they like it. If you can build an understanding for how the female body really works down there she will notice. It's very worth it.

    There were a couple books that I read a few years back on the topic, unfortunately I can't remember what exactly they were called.. There's good material out there, just need to look around a little.

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    Default Re: Orgasim without touching

    Hands free orgasms are absolutely possible. I've experienced them personally as well as given them to more girls than I can shake a stick at.

    Ethically, you really should get her consent first. It will work 100x better too. Therefore I would not use them as part of pickup, it's more like a fun thing to play with after you are already sexually active with her.

    There are a few ways to go about it too.
    What T-Mal said about operant conditioning is totally true and possible. It'll take a certain number of repetitions and generally she needs to be at least horny when you do it or the results will be lackluster.

    There is also erotic hypnosis (October Man is one of many examples). In that case you can get results during the first time but it has a much steeper learning curve.

    I personally found hypnosis was worthwhile to learn, just don't think of it as a way to pick up chicks. I use it with myself more than other people because it rocks for improving your state, getting over sticking points etc etc.

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