The title may confuse you, sorry. It was to short to say what I mean.

Yesterday I've found 60 Years Of Challenge - Fearless Relentless Escalation on my PC. I've read a bit of it and he says that things like cocky & funny and teasing and breaking rapport would destroy sexual Tension. Here some quotes:
"How to use Kino
I don't worry about a kiss close. My kiss close is a hand-hold. All you really need is an "it's on" moment of mutual caressing.
ie. caressing each other's hands

Definition: An IOM is the mutual physical manifestion of the connection that has been building between you and a woman. The key words here are mutual and physical. Moves like forcing a kiss may convey aggressiveness but they are not mutual."

I always thought, that you dominate physically. You lead her, so she starts to touch you (put her hand on your shoulder when you touch hers etc.). So it seems like relying on just that one hand-hold.

"In seduction don't use any tool that creates TENSION only to sacrifice RAPPORT. You can create all the tension you need by being sexual and escalating. Things that create tension (good) but break rapport (bad):
Witty & Funny Comebacks"

Teasing and witty comebacks, I thought, create the tension. And now he wants to "forbid" them?

"Time Wasters
Women with low interest will go even as far as holding your hand. They will even let you try to kiss them. Although of course they will shyly turn away and won't exactly kiss you back. She will pretend it's just that she's shy. She wants to make it seem like you still have a chance. But one thing these time wasters will never do is mutual caressing. You will notice she absolutely will not caress your hands. She will not caress you back if you caress her.
Laughing, smiling, staying, eye contact and tapping you. No problem. All these things she can fake. But mutual caressing, this repulses her."

Is he right here?

"The Blank Expression
The key is to keep a completely blank expression on your face and stay absolutely silent. Similar to a poker players face when he doesn't want to give away his hand. For example, do not smile, widen your eyes or even nod your head. Do nothing. Complete blank stare. The poker face works even better than using "I'm skeptical about you" facial expression when she talks.
The reason this works so well is because you aren't giving her any verbal or non-verbal feedback. Thus she will keep talking (qualifying herself) and try harder and harder to get your approval.

No Feedback
On the one hand she likes that you are such a good listener. You're holding seductive eye contact and paying close attention to her. But for some strange reason she still feels like she needs to impress you and isn't quite sure why."

I don't know. In that case I think she will get bored... Or is he right?

You see, he confuses me a lot