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Thread: My attraction kiss close

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    Cool My attraction kiss close

    I used to always go for the rapid k-close (Approach => say 2 words => makeout all within 15 seconds) but I'm starting to seriously favour a different approach that seems to shoot attraction out of this world.

    What it does
    - It's not uncommon for them to be on the verge of orgasm after you do this.
    - Most girls have responded by squirming, moaning and begging.
    - It makes you look more confident and in control of your world.

    - If you don't feel 110% confident, don't do it or it will backfire.
    - Frame control is huge.
    - If you wouldn't be able to kiss her with easier k-closes, don't do it.

    When it IS useful
    - She is interested and you can tell she wants you to escalate.
    - You want to full close asap but haven't even kissed her yet.
    - This is meant to be used on those you haven't kissed yet, but it CAN be used on those you have kissed to great effect, it's just slightly different.

    1. The setup
    - Lock eye contact and maintain it for most of this. I like to keep a really mischievous grin the whole time - this is meant to be playful, not serious and she needs to know you are playing and not just really awkward.
    - Say "In a moment... not now, but in a moment, I'm going to kiss you."
    - Then just wait.
    - Usually she'll say something like "ok" or she'll lean forward.
    - Move as if you are about to kiss her but back away at the absolute last second and say "but I think I'll just tease you for a bit first".

    2. The dance
    - It's basically just a big game of tease and denial. You want to end it before she gets frustrated and walks away, but have the balls to keep it going for 1-2 minutes. More if she's reallly enjoying it.
    - As she leans forward, you lean away. When she pouts and leans back, you move in.
    - Mix it up and move your lips toward her, open mouth slightly and back away at the last second without ever kissing her or letting her kiss you.
    - She might call you a big tease (or one time "You're a terrible human being") which is a good thing. Either way her eyes should be looking at you with longing and awe.
    - There is a lot of other stuff you can throw in to build it up and cool it down, but be creative and come up with something that works for you.

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    Default Re: My attraction kiss close

    I do the same thing ALL the time. It works wonders and every women I've messed around with the last few years calls me a tease. I only do this AFTER I've initially k-closed however. The only difference is I turn my head at the last second and brush my cheek against hers. Besides that it's the same. Absolutely golden and a surefire way to get her worked up!

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    Default Re: My attraction kiss close

    Awesome, I'm definitely trying this the next time I make out with a girl. Have to work in things to throw in while doing it though

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