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Thread: Mind blowing sex tips

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    Default Mind blowing sex tips

    Thats right - Zeus is back after a nice long break.

    After a brief search through the forum, I am yet to find an exciting thread in which people share their tips when it comes to the bedroom, that produce fireworks under the bedsheets.
    Sure you all want to know how to pick women up and get them back to the bedroom, but I'm positive almost all of you people will want to know what to do and not to do when you get there, in order to give her and yourself an explosive night that you'll never forget.

    Naturally, it wouldn't be fair for me to start a thread like this without a few inputs from myself so here goes:

    Tip 1: Dont neglect foreplay!!
    I know most of you will be very excited to get a girl back to the bedroom, but don't you dare blow it by rushing in too quick like a hormone filled school kid. Think of a girls orgasm as a spring coil - the longer you drag it out and work on it, the more Tension you build up till it explodes. There are certain sensitive areas on a womens body that get them going straight away with the slightest touch, like the back of their neck, collar bone, pelvic line etc. so play around with these areas with both your hands and mouth, even if she really wants sex, make her wait.

    Tip 2: "Come here"
    This is an absolute classic and sure many of you have heard of it before, but it works! Not only that, its also a very simple and effective technique. All you do is start fingering her, go in up to your second knuckle deep so maybe an inch or two, with your palm up, and proceed to imitate a "come here" motion with your finger, flexing it back and forth. If you're doing it right you'll feel a rough crinkled textured area and notice a significant change in how her body reacts.

    Tip 3: Experiment
    My final tip for you all at this moment in time - don't be afraid to experiment, or ask her if she wants to try anything. I often find if you ask her whether she has any crazy fantasies or wants to try anything, and say nothing is off limits, then you have an amazing night! Whipped cream has regularly been used by myself and its awesome, great fun for everyone!

    Hope some of these will be useful, and as i say, its an open thread so post questions and definitely share tips/experiences, nothing is too stupid!

    Wise men don't need advice, Fools wont take it - Benjamin Franklin

    Stick a 50 note onto your forehead and talk to a stripper.. If you can get her to not think about the note, you are gold.

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    Default Re: Mind blowing sex tips

    Solid tips indeed.

    ANTICIPATION is also a panty moistener.
    Learn to build up lots of anticipation & Tension.

    When you take the time to seduce her mind, as well as her body, good things are going to happen.


    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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