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    Default Seduction, the secret of it and clearity

    Got it!!!!!!!!!! I have figured out a really good seduction technique that works 80% of the time. I've been tweaking and fixing many screws and bolts and i realized something about women: WORDS WORK BETTER ON THEM THEN TYPED WORDS!(in this century we are all about texting and we all get bored with it sooner or later even if your success rate with it is high.) Now talking in person on the other hand or on the phone is a whole new world of it's own . The girls can hear your words as if it's hypnotic and mezmerizing. Thats why it's such a necessity to learn voice tonality so you can create sexual Tension. When you create that sexual tension with low and deep voice that resonate her entire soul it's the same as building comfort because in that moment, it feels as if it's only the two of you in your own world. Good seduction in my definition is taking the woman in a different world where there's no worries and all that matter in that moment is you and her. Texting doesnt really give her that feeling because she doesnt really get to hear you say it. Anyone can text, but it takes another level to be good at using your words!! Now thats what i finally figured out. WORDS WORDS and more WORDS in person. Imagine that, being the master of what you say in real life and over the phone, now thats the secret ive been working on and getting more success with. Use texting and randomly call her, switch things up and be spontaneous. Trust me once you learn to master your words you'll see a whole new difference in your seduction techniques
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    Default Re: Seduction, the secret of it and clearity

    I agree with you. I think speaking to a person, while looking at them straight in the eyes, with a deep assertive voice would definitely build attraction. Not only will this be helpful in picking-up chicks but also gives you that Alpha image.

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