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Thread: The temperament we should have

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    Default The temperament we should have

    Girls don't like males who are unconfident, aggressive, or creepy, insincere.

    Unconfident males are weak, unconfident males think low of themselves, don't esteem themselves. It is uninteresting to be with such a male.

    Aggressive males are pushy, they are inconsiderate for others. If a girl is with him, he won't care her, he may even hurt her, a girl doesn't feel secure to be with him.

    Creepy males just want to scare girls and feel inexplicable pleasure when they see girls are scared. Girls won't be with them because they don't want to be scared.

    Insincere is the opposite of aggressive. Insincere is trying to be nice not being real. A girl also feels insecure with him because she feels that he is hiding something, she wants him to be real. She wants a real him.

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    Default Re: The temperament we should have

    man... after 2 weeks of intense dosage of material from seminars to scientific studies in regards to attraction the temperament we should have is pretty complex. overall we can't control what women perceive of us even if we're 100% honest, nice and non-judgey. I watched a study on an actor reading the same script twice in two different tones and body language and women went more for the positive upidty Mindset the actor was portraying while other's did not find the average, indifferent and bleak tonality the actor presented. we as men obviously look for mostly physical traits that highlight women to be feminine which to each of us milage may vary. for women they often look for interests in their male counterparts--what defines their personality and presentation.

    what i've come to find pretty common in how women react to men is similar to how human beings respond to each other by mimicing their emotions in various scenarios. if you're acting sad it's in the other person's nature to feel sad too--we react to it. it's up to our thought process on how to handle that situation and regardless of the result it doesn't come across as attractive. so when we relate this method to being creepy we often associate that feeling with someone wanting something from us out of greed, lust or gluttony.

    the interesting thing about our psyche as people is that we build habits from our experiences and if we don't have a check and balance system to keep us aligned to our original goals we often dig deeper holes that are hard to get out of. i've done it and i'm sure other men out there have done it just like women have. we're conditioned to think a certain way because we were left to our own devices in which sometimes our parents or mentors or friends were never there to guide us through the emotional trauma.

    i believe for us to move forward not only should we look inside ourselves as to what our goals were and our experiences that have led us to where we are today BUT also consider the type of impact we want to leave behind. i'm not talking about legacy. i'm talking about a defining path so much as i'm talking about social freedom for both men and women. as much as we men have these labels assigned to our gender like "Creep", "Male Chauvinist", and "Loser" women also face "B!tch", "Gold Digger", and "Slut". I think it's important that the way we improve ourselves is to improve the game that's played.

    we all know that PUA's have a bad rap even though in the end they've done a lot of good too. but, it's time to evolve on all fronts of the game.

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