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    Default Creating the perfect world fantasy world and how to use it right.

    Create a fantasy world which takes the girl out of her everyday boring life. Isolation, it helps to deepen the affect because it is only you and her in that fantasy world which allows her to picture you everytime she thinks of something over the top because not many guys do that. Society hinders guys from being playful but instead stick to the boring and tedious dinner dates and movies, when you create that fantasy world it allows her to picture you as a dominant male who loves life and loves to live in the moment because not many guys would have done that to her. Remember to LISTEN , that can't be stressed enough. There's nothing better than a Guy who listens and shows that her cares because guys in this period think of what they're going to do with the girl next instead of absorbing what she's saying and showing her that you're not like the rest, allowing rapport and comfort to be build. Women constantly pour their heart out to us all we have to do is LISTEN and we can litterally know about her childhood within just 5 mins of meeting us. WOMEN love to talk so let them and relax and let her do all the work for you. Be playful and only speak when you have to, picking the perfect moment can determine the success and failure of your conversation.
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    Default Re: Creating the perfect world fantasy world and how to use it right.

    Wow. You are really smart and probably good with women. Thanks
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