Hey guys,
Just wanted a little help or advice to going about getting 2 girls that are freinds or not and obviously both have some attraction to you and convincing them into a 3 way kiss and a 3sm in a club/party environment.

I have had 1 3 way kiss, and 1 3sm, but I would like to have more, when I go out I am kind of surrounded by woman, freinds, girls that know me or would most likely sleep with me if I made the first move...

What process should this be broken down into upon execution?

Does it make a difference if the 2 girls I want to 3 way kiss don't know each other & I have just introduced them both to one other versus upon gaming both and they are freinds and out together?

What topics or tips and tricks could you suggest to guide this in the right direction with less chance of rejection and fear of judgement?

How should I go about this or suggesting it and executing it?

Thanks for your time and help.
- Jake