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    Default College classmate - I must have her

    Whats up, guys. There's an HB9 that I'm fortunate enough to have in two classes that are back to back. She is 100% the type of girl I look for (appearance-wise), and has a nice, sweet personality too. I've been in college for 3 years and haven't been this into a girl before. So while I have my own plans for getting her, I also want you guys' perspective in order to maximize my chances.

    I have her in two classes in the afternoon. The first one, I sit right next to her. The second, we can sit wherever we want. However, I've been sitting down before her, and so far (twice) she has walked past me to sit down next to her girl friend from high school.

    There is an hour break between the two classes, and I have talked/flirted with her once during this time period. However, I did a poor job of Kino, and she also comes across as somewhat oblivious, so its doubtful that she thought I was hitting on her.

    Side note: she lives off campus 45 minutes away, I live on campus, so the time I see her is currently constrained to school days.

    What I'm wondering is:

    - what are some ways to flirt with her *in the classroom*? I have to take advantage of sitting right next to her.

    - she gets teased/kino'd by a lot of guys while walking around campus. She thinks they're picking on her, but we know they're flirting. How do I seperate myself from the other college kids?

    - attraction is what I need to build. Currently, I don't believe she thinks of me in a sexual way. I want to change that.

    - kino is definently where I need to improve the most. How can I kino her in the classroom, and as we're walking during the hour break inbetween the two classes? I also plan to study in the library with her in the near future. Kino there would also be ideal.

    I appreciate any advice you guys have.

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    Default Re: College classmate - I must have her

    You don't really need to Kino all the time. But a routine i like doing in class is telling a girl that I've been trying to beat 30 people in thumb wrestling, so far i have 27( lol i just make up a random number). Anyways it's something i do when sitting next to a girl or when we stand next to each other waiting for our teachers. And if y ou really want to be good at kino you have to do it a lot so it becomes natural and a second nature for you( be warn some people are not use to being touched so you might come off as creepy so use with caution).
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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