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    Default Sticking Point: Keeping attraction/buyer remorse

    Another sticking point of mine is keeping the attraction after seducing the girl into k-closing or whatever. I can do everything from start to finish right, seduce the girls into kissing me and what not even if they have a bf but after that they basically get buyer's remorse and stop talking to me like we never kissed. Girls these days are willing to cheat on their bf if you know what you're doing but then afterwards something just clicks and they forget you ever existed. So my question is how to keep the attraction and seduction going so she won't have buyer's remorse?
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    Default Re: Sticking Point: Keeping attraction/buyer remorse

    Because they need more than just a kiss. They need to feel unique, special, that there is a foundation that can grow into the future. They need more than just a physical connection - they need the deeper emotional and intellectual connection. That means you need to have a great connection, a natural connection and a natural desire for her to see you again. Much of that is via conversation and what you say. They also need to feel that from you...that they are special to you and not another throw away. You need to kiss their soul with yours. Or say things that blow their minds and stand out from other guys. You need to be that role model man.

    Some of it is also just timing. A girl cheating might just want a bit of excitement or reassurance of her attractiveness but not to leave her BF. A single girl might need to be in a good mood or good timing to build it into something more serious - they can often be nervous about 'getting hurt again'. If you have an abundance of girls however it makes you less likely to get too needy or overly eager and more likely the girl will chase you back and not have buyers remorse. Sometimes it often pays off to take it slow if you really like a girl. She should also want to win your attention and truly enjoy spending time with you. But definately with cheating girls you have to understand the situation they are in and why they would cheat in the first place.

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