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Thread: Want to stand out and get the girl? Make a move!

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    Default Want to stand out and get the girl? Make a move!

    You want to know the difference between guys that get girls and guys that don't? The guys that get girls make a move!

    It's really that simple. All you have to do is be yourself and make a move when you first start hanging out with the girl. I can tell you from personal experience that EVERY girl I'm friends with now either wanted me in the beginning or we messed around previously. If you meet a girl and she's hanging out with you it's a good sign! There's a VERY good chance she likes you! All you have to do is grow some balls and MAKE A MOVE!

    I just messed around with a good looking girl at my school the other night. She's one of those girls that has ALLOT of guy friends and they all want to bang her! The difference between them and I? I made a move! That's it! I did NOTHING special.

    This girl is not hard to get with and I guarantee that 3/4ths of the "guy friends" she has could have got with her if they just made a move early on! It really is that simple.

    I had this girl in one of my classes last year and I was totally comfortable around her. That's all it took! I made a few threads on some things I naturally do that I've found women LOVE. Here are the links and this is EXACTLY what I did to get this girl.

    This is simple stuff. It's actually things I do naturally. It's not some technique that I read about. I just realized that these things I naturally do work to attract women. There's many things you naturally do that attract women as well. The only way you EVER get into the friend zone is by not making a move early on. It's that simple.

    So get out there boys and make a move already!

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    Default Re: Want to stand out and get the girl? Make a move!

    Great post and you're 100% right about making a move first. Alot of guys now adays think seducing women is always hard, sometimes all you have to do is make a move. A of time the girl will usually be interested but can't make a move because society don't believe girls should do the chasing. Sometimes it just takes the courage to make the first move and get the gear running.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: Want to stand out and get the girl? Make a move!

    Agree 100%. Just make a move during the first interaction--doesn't have to be a makeout, but just something to convey romantic interest. Set yourself apart from all those dudes who are just friendly with her.

    You can always go from messing around to just friends--or even from rejection to friends. But it is much harder to go from the friend zone to more once it has been established. So don't wait.

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