here we go.

Long story short, this girl knows my family. She's easily a HB9. I have a GF but its never stopped me before.

we met randomly at the dentist, she works there. I went in to get some work done gamed her a little. went back 2 weeks later for some more work. As i walk in her face lights up, i could just feel that she was into me. I brought her a little present (totally worthless to me) with my number attached saying try this.

A few days later we went out to dinner, mini golf (sucked), and she ended up sleeping with me in my bed. i passed out from xanax, wake up the next morning and drove her home.

a few days after that we hangout again. This time she drives to my house, we get stoned and eat pizza and watch movies. She stayed all day till about 9pm.

All this time I've been putting off kissing her, either because we were high or i just plain pussied out. I know i have to pull the trigger on this ASAP.

I wanted her bad but never let on. i make comments every now and then that we are "just friends" I send her mixed signals and try to confuse her. All to buy some time and build her interest. I find myself wanting her so bad i have been using drugs when we aren't together, in other words I've got oneitis like a mofo.

anyway i told her i can't see her for a while, due to some problems I'm having (didn't let on i was using again) ever since she has been texting me every couple days to check up on me.

So my question to you people of PUA.

she has sent me a txt after i told her i couldn't talk to her. In my mind i asked her to leave me alone for a while, now she is breaking that silence without my permission (which was my intention anyway) but do i punish her for it? is this a shit test?

Im really stumped, I can't read this situation. any insight is appreciated.