Yesterday I was out at a local bar. I was flirting with all the girls even did some dancing got some and Kino in. I was just practicing a few things wasn't really looking to make any connections. However made a few anyway because 1 girl said I just have to hang out with her when she's not with her sister. And the other girl literally started writing her number in my palm. I rubbed it off immediately touched the small of her back led her to the bar, handed her a napkin then told her ''I need to wash my hands write it down i'll be back''. Needless to say the bartender had gotten jealous.She is a HB8 if face was all that counted. She is very beautiful but I like petite girls. While she isn't FAT she past my liking bring her HB status down to a 5. Theres NO need to put HB in front of 5. So she is just a 5. That being said, I f-closed her once before after a night of her venting to me about her boyfriend and surprisingly how much he cheats. After throwing a me few free draft beers she starts overloading my phone with picture of her in the nude. Asking me if I wanted to see her in the morning. She was way to persistent for me to tell NO so i'd figure i'd try to piss her off instead. I told her only if she brought a friend with her. Though she briefly disclosed that she had dated women in the past I'm shocked she complied. My plate is stacked and i can't cant complain. Since i already made arrangements for a different lady friend to by this morning, When the bartender calls me I figure i'll just let it ring out. I'll make it up to her. Not bad for a thursday night in New York. Not bad at all.