Today I watched the cycling race Milano-Sanremo on TV and at one moment during the race one of the commentators said the following: "You just need to dare... to wait". In the end the race was won by a guy who waited till the last 300 meters to place his attack (while others forget about him and he waited all day in the shadows of other riders). Now, although he is a strong and respected athlete this is not the first time that such a scenario happens, but what grabbed my attention is this prediction which was "You just need to dare... to wait".

So, I'm thinking about this about woman. To wait on purpose longer than I would do (at least longer than with an AFC-mindset). And not only to use this for new contacts, but also to wake up some older contacts. I've been thinking to apply this waiting time on several cases.

Case K: met her a few months ago at a bar with a friend. She gave her e-mail address, but this paper was lostů till I found it back recently. Been thinking about re-engaging her. Just be honest and say that I lost the note with her e-mail? Make it funny like "I could should myself in the head that I lost your details...."

Case C: we had a date planned, but she cancelled, then she had to undergo a small surgery and since then I've send her some playful/teasing texts that I'm checking her health status (to which she also replied funny). I'm thinking to stop with it so she might start wondering why I don't send anything anymore. Or at least to wait much longer than the current time frame (2 days) in between the texts.

Issue with her is that I know for sure she's seeing other(s). This gives me doubts on whether to take more time or not.

Case A: we had a date about 1 month ago. Conversation went just OK, not super. I've send her one message afterwards and the response was lukewarm. I have the idea to tell her something that I was busy with x other things (which is also true). Been thinking to send her a strong message/command, like we meet at day X at time Y!