We all know I had a killer Summer last Summer and even last 3 Summers. Well this year I am spicing it up. Going to TomorrowWorld (for friends not Pickup Related Event), Got a Season Pass to an Amusement Park (For Pick Up), got a couple of Wingmen in limbo waiting for action.

Anyway hit the bar last weekend and forgot what I was doing but then I woke up the next morning and remembered! The hookup and the Pull. I mean my Long Game is tight still perfecting it but SNL haven't even tried that stuff so I think it is time.

Didn't really open a whole lot but I was kind of approval seeking likely because I am rusty and due to the Winter Break. Anyway I am getting back at it and some dude was trying to hook me up with his chick (a spare) but I was like no cuz I want to work for stuff and I get to pick my targets, anyway he was a cool guy wish I hung out with him that night but I had to leave for lameo work the next day and people were trying to party with me!

Anyway here it is!

Developing the Pasture
I was pretty soft last time I went out and girls were totally just leaving and walking away from me like crazy. I mean isn't this the man that was called the Star Prince Lover of a Thousand Ages? WTH. Anyway I realized it's coming down to this. The Nice Guy thing again. Reflecting back on the nights I was killing it I was just being more demanding and expecting to get my way. There is no time for softies. Anyway kinda like Tyler just demands stuff well that stuff works and I am getting back out there to make it work. More to report on later. Losing interest in the Club and starting to fall in love with the Bar, we'll see...

So I am really rusty but now I remember where I left off last year and my emotions are starting to come back to me so here it is.

My long game is stellar. However beautiful I am at getting numbers and getting dates I was thinking on this path last year to up my game and now I am going to get out of the gate running. Going for the PULL before the NUMBER. Even seeding the hookup first with words before asking for the number is how I am rolling out. I have never acted like this before but the one time I did some chick called me at 2 am so I was like dang this is effective.

Anyway to build on this what I mean is my number goal USED to be getting them digits. Now it is getting the PULL so I am going to be practicing this next time out! But I will have to be way more demanding and no softie is going to get by on that. So anyway I'll get the number if the Set falls apart but that won't be my main prerogative, it will be pulling and hooking up for SNL. So now that I remember I realize no wonder I was soft cuz I forgot and I didn't want to go around asking for numbers just yet. I am ready to unleash the beast!