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Thread: Club Game

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    Default Re: Club Game

    Meteora thanks... Shed more light on this though
    here's some light, you will have a much more enjoyable experience if you go to the club to have fun with friends than you will if you go out hunting down girls like a commando.

    getting laid shouldn't be as important as having a fun time.


    3 things I love: shooting pool, getting my friends drunk and dancing with strangers.

    you better believe that most nights I'm out I do all 3. whether I get laid or not.

    my nights out are almost always a ton of fun for me.

    sometimes I share my fun with strangers and they like how fun and easy going I am, so they decide they want me. sometimes they don't, but I still have a good time kicking their ass at pool and out drinking them.

    my point is, go to the club to enjoy yourself. getting laid should always be a secondary objective.

    You changed meteora, it's great to see it. Very well mate
    thanks lenric, I like to think the past several months have been very enlightening for me. I have finally figured out the art of generosity. being a giving man is far more rewarding than being a selfish asshole. even if that means I don't always get exactly what I want.

    Mark Redman's "conquer your campus" along with a few friends I made along the way, showed me that in many cases those who give get.

    lastly, about the tribal thing that jack sarge mentions. it has nothing to do with mystery method. it has everything to do with networking. the idea of benefiting others so they will mutually benefit you. (though you can't expect them to always benefit back as that would be supplication, instead benefit them because you like giving and because you like people) networking will benefit every aspect of your life, not just success with women.

    or here's a thought, talk to people because you're actually interested in them. most people have some cool stories to tell, and most people can teach you something you didn't already know. so in a way, just talking to strangers will benefit your education and thus benefit you. being genuinely interested in people, is far better than being only interested in what you can get from them.

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