Okay you guys know it is my year three. Tsk, tsk, tsk. THIS IS WHY YOU DON't doubt me hahaha.

So you know I am good at Sarging.

*Got 3 HB10's on hold from girls who APPROACHED ME
*Also got an HB7 who tracked me down at work and is super obsessed with me (I told you guys about this)
*EX-GF and I are kinda friends

Might also possibly go out this weekend for more chicks cuz I am so good at this stuff
Also getting a second job at a hottie central where I used to also get a bunch of IOI's at (a clothing store)

Now on top of all this I told you guys once before a long long time ago about my "Rotation" remember. Well this just happened! And what a story. So on top of what I already got going.....

I found a hot hairstylist who showed some IOI's so I included her in my rotation. I always asked for her and we flirt everytime I come in. Thought she would be cold at first but she warmed up to me immediately. Over the last 8 months nothing has happened, I NEVER N-closed her (I get numbers regurarly and I KNOW Hired Guns are a different Beast), but I kept trying to build comfort and rapport.

I Speak my Mind with women this is kinda of my theory. So yes I told her I often times have multiple girlfriends. I told her I can get 4 numbers at my favorite bar (she knows which one I am talking about), and other stuff just pretty open with her but not too open like how I feel or something.

She told me

She might move what will I do? I said I would move on, I would find someone. She dropped it immediately (I passed the sh!t test)

I gotta go but she called me!!!!!

The hairstylist called me who I never gave my number!

She said she is quitting and wants me to go with her to her new location. She was like oh by the way I am calling you from my personal number so you can call me if you have ANY Questions.

Could you spell out I am interested any more clearly!?